5 Best Types of Animations For Business Marketing



Animations add a new life to your regular content marketing efforts. Animations attract the audience, intrigue them and influence them to click through. These days when social media and digital channels are overloaded with advertisements, people only skip these ads or get irritated. However, when fascinating animations are used to weave a story, the advertisement does not sound salesy and invokes interest in the audience. Here are a few types of animations that could be helpful for your business marketing.



When a graphic or text or shape is set in motion, it is known as motion graphics. A simple example of motion graphics is the bra graph in which the bars move up and down to indicate inflation and deflation. A normal bar chart would otherwise be boring, however, when a touch of animation is added, it invokes interest among the people. Motion graphic videos get enhanced by appealing graphics and a good voiceover that makes storytelling easier and more interesting.



Storytelling has become a key component of marketing strategies. Stories guide people better and, indeed, humans have always been fans of stories. Storytelling is enhanced when it is conveyed via a video. Whiteboard animation helps you convey stories in a more fascinating approach by drawing static images on the screen. You would have seen these videos in most of the explanatory videos on YouTube that makes things easier to understand and remember. Whiteboard animations are comparatively inexpensive and easier to use that bring better ROI for your marketing efforts.



With the rise of video content for marketing, the typical animation that began to be used by marketers was 2D animation. 2D animations have the images of characters created in a two-dimensional space and are simple yet leave a huge impact on the audience. These are widely used for creating cartoons, corporate presentations, marketing videos, educational videos, etc. When you think about 2D animation, it is natural to get nostalgic as most Disney movies used this kind of animation.



3D animations are also used to enhance the storytelling process with stunning visuals. 3D animations could be related to modern Disney movies like Frozen where the characters or graphics are set in motion and giving lifelike attributes to the characters.



Typography animation or better known as kinetic typography is a process where the text is set into motion and compiled into a video animation. This is usually used during product launches and to evoke a particular emotion among the viewers. Whether commercials, music videos, websites or mobile apps, kinetic typography is being employed at various consumer touchpoints these days to make the message more impactful. Brands also use this technique to animate their logos and leave a lasting impression among the consumers.


Animations are being used these days to leverage the audience’s interest and steer them towards conversions. If you are looking to amp up your business marketing with powerful animations that strike a chord with your audience, reach out to us at GAE Consultancy.