Dubai: Latest News on Digital & Online Businesses




In this blog, we have compiled some of the latest news about Digital & Online Businesses in Dubai. 

It’s no surprise that the future of online business is really fascinating, so who can blame you for choosing to establish an online business in Dubai? The world has fallen in love with the ease and availability of internet shopping. In 2020, ecommerce saw a storm surge of expansion, and while many retail firms faced major shrinkage, many raced to launch their enterprises online. Many of them even began to flourish. This was true all around the world, and it was no exception for Dubai. 

Beginning an internet business in Dubai, as many local firms discovered, is not as tough as you may imagine. Whether you’re expanding your established business to accept online payments through an application or website, or beginning a new e-commerce endeavor, the route to online success is the same. 

Highlights from the latest Dubai news on digital and online business. 


1.While growing, Digital Kings actively supports Dubai. 

This online marketing firm provides services to customers in Dubai and throughout the globe. Dubai, the wealthy and affluent city-state, has a well-established internet marketing platform. The space of the affluent excels by attracting financiers and billionaires to the town through digital marketing initiatives, and with a population of 3.43 million citizens, the techniques are making great progress. 

Founded in the United Arab Emirates, Digital Kings rapidly rose to prominence in the digital marketing industry. They’ve achieved tremendous levels serving people in Dubai and throughout the world thanks to a system that focuses on a fantastic blend of marketing strategy and delving inside the customer’s thoughts. 


2.A Dubai-based digital marketing team is embarking on a global journey to share their skills

They hold Guest lectures for senior students at institutions all around the world. 

Hina Bakht, Vice Chairman for ATECA Holding and Managing Director for EVOPS Branding DMCC, and Amit Yadav, Director of Digital Marketing and e-Commerce for Kashkha, have started on an information sharing global trip that will take them to several nations. 

Being a part of the program, Hina and Amit have been teaching senior students at some of the world’s finest institutions in the UAE, Austria, Korea, Uzbekistan, and India about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and other technological advancements are altering online marketing. 

Amit elaborated on the importance of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, saying, “Digital marketing is a specialized area, and Artificial Intelligence has certainly ignited a breakthrough by providing businesses with possibilities into processes linked to conversational marketing, behavioral analytics, and customer profiling.”  


3.Conversions Digital Marketing Agency assists companies in building their brands

With the steady evolution of the internet industry, the firm has continued to thrive. 

Digital marketing is rapidly becoming an essential element of worldwide organizational growth. However, the rapid advancement of Digital Marketing makes it hard for several organizations to comprehend the current opportunities it provides, which are the most essential for a business, the ideal plan to implement, and assess progress. If your company is experiencing either of these challenges, a digital marketing agency in Dubai can assist you in boosting your organic ranking by increasing website ’s ranking using diverse marketing techniques. 

Conversions Digital Marketing has had an exceptional surge in income, clientele, and staff members since its inception in 2021. Notwithstanding the pandemic hurting countless organizations and their business, Conversions Digital has grown in tandem with the digital sector’s continual development. 


4.L’Oréal Middle East is focusing on data-driven and digital marketing. 


L’Oréal Middle East’s chief marketing officer, Mehdi Moutaoukil, had spoken to Arab News about the brand’s digital marketing efforts. 

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, brick-and-mortar retailers were forced to close and shift their focus to internet platforms. Despite slowing digital sales in some sections, customers were eager to embrace due to a lack of in-store choices during the COVID-19 shutdown. However, because of the ease and rapid delivery service, the e-commerce boom remained long after limitations were abolished. 


5.KE members to exchange online marketing experiences – Register Online 

KE held a webcast on digital marketing and presented suggestions on how to remodel organizations through new era digital marketing tactics and effectively transform enterprises digitally during the Covid issue. Several KE members took substantial steps in this shift, and now a lot of them have stepped out to share their stories. 

All of these businesses are in a distinct stage. They have a new company that was nurtured just before the Covid struck last year, a family real estate business that is being converted into the technological environment by the next generation, a manufacturing firm that is profiting from online business, and a vacation homes company that has automated all of its international and domestic interaction through social platforms and is seeing significant results.


6.In 2021, Chain Reaction Agency for Digital Marketing and SEO was awarded 11 MENA Search Awards. 


Chain Reaction, an Amman-based online marketing and SEO business, received 11 MENA Search Awards during the latter’s virtual event on November 25th, 2021. 

This accomplishment labelled a flourishing move in Chain Reaction’s pioneering journey and progress on a regional and international level, as it became the most acclaimed SEO and digital marketing agency in the region, and also the only SEO and digital marketing agency on a worldwide scale to be won 11 awards in a single year. 

Saif Jarad, CEO of Chain Reaction, stated: “I am incredibly pleased of our team members for these victories, which occurred as a result of their hard work and devotion. Chain Reaction has had substantial growth in performance marketing, creative, and technology throughout the years. Our skills in the sector of search engine marketing, as well as the solid alliances we have developed over time, have enabled us to prosper in the challenging digital marketing world around the nation.”