Guide To Real Estate Video Marketing



The real estate market is getting highly saturated with a large number of realtors around. To make your listing stand out, do not only tell people about the properties you represent but also show them by giving a virtual tour of them. Incorporate videos in your real estate marketing strategy to generate higher leads and grow your real estate business because property listings with videos get 403% more inquiries. The National Association of Realtors reported that 73% of property owners are more likely to list their property with a realtor who uses videos. Thus videos are becoming an integral part of the real estate business. Here is a quick overview of real estate video marketing.



While checking out for properties, images do not give a comprehensive tour of the property. For instance, if a 2BHK apartment in Dubai is on sale, its photos would look nothing more than a box with various compartments on the listing. House is something that has emotions attached to it, and photos cannot convey the lighting around every section of the house, the neighbourhood and the vibes around. However, if a video of the house gets added to the listing, visitors would get an extensive overview of the house to make better decisions, and gain an edge over the competitors using snapshots instead of videos.


If your property has the x-factor that makes it the best choice, you must show it rather than telling it verbally. Homebuyers usually begin their search online and look for properties that have the most impressive video campaigns on their listing. To boost the visibility of your listing and stand apart from the crowded realtors market, capitalize on the potential of video marketing.




To accentuate your listing among the thousands or millions of other options, show off the properties you represent in a high-styled video that impresses the visitors in one go. Hire a professional videographer to shoot the eye-catching videos of your real estate property and also help you with aerial videos that give a 360-degree overview of the house or building. Drones are used to capture stellar videos that generate leads.


When you use a video on your listing, it will naturally look fascinating among the photographs of the other listings, and you gain a convenient edge over the competitors. Via video, you can give a view of your property, along with the neighbourhood attractions, especially the beachfront properties and luxury attractions of Dubai.



If you are looking to sell out rooms of your hotel or rent out the holiday homes in one of the best tourist places like Dubai, uploading virtual tours of your place on social media and website gives people all the reasons for booking your property would be highly advantageous. Before making reservations for a hotel or holiday home for staycations, people usually do their research online for the best places to stay and often seek help from the videos of the properties. If you capture the best attractions of your property and show them to tourists, they will end up booking your inventory.



Any and every business is finding a hub on social media as it is the best place to boost your brand visibility and generate leads. Social media is mostly about stunning visuals, and hence when you upload stellar videos of your property on social media, it grabs many eyeballs.


Travellers check the best hotels or holiday homes online followed by vising its official website and social media pages to find out more about the property and the deals it has to offer. Using remarkable videos of your luxury property, providing the audience with a virtual tour of your place, showing the best facilities and sharing the reviews of your clients drives increased engagement on your posts and traffic to your online listings, generates higher leads and nurtures them to make decisions in your favour.



People will trust you when you come in front of them. Have a video on your digital space where you speak about who you are and how you help people find the best property deals. Speak about your process of finding the best properties or selling their properties at the best prices. This builds credibility in the audience, and people always hire a realtor they trust as investing in a property is a huge task and cannot be risked to a stranger. Establish the expertise that builds trust in the audience for you, and gradually, they will move down the funnel and contact you.



Incorporate video advertising in your marketing campaigns as video ads have a better impact on the audience, motivating them to make quicker decisions. Video ads require higher-quality videos and effective storytelling that informs, educates and persuades viewers to take the desired action. Most luxury real estate brands tap on the videos to make the best of their advertising investment.


After realizing the benefits of videos in marketing real estate properties and selling them, a question arises whether should you hire a professional videographer? Initially, you can start with a smartphone camera and the video editing tools available online. But when you look to expand your real estate business, hiring a professional real estate consultant and a professional videographer would combine the best marketing efforts to attract more prospects and boost sales. If you are looking to amp up your real estate business or sell out your listings quicker and for better market prices, contact GAE Co. as we connect you to the best professionals in the market and help you boost the business.