Importance Of Product Packaging Design In Branding



It is said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” but in recent times when people get swayed away by the visual looks, a product’s outer packaging becomes a major factor in deciding to purchase. Whether it is an edible item or accessories or any XYZ product in the market, people prefer the ones with alluring packaging designs. Hence it would not be wrong to remark that packaging designs directly impact the purchase decisions of a consumer and hence packaging designs play a crucial role in business and branding.


Your product packages mainly serve four functions: protection, attraction, information and differentiation.


  1. Protection: The package protects the product while in transit or lodged in storage rooms and while delivering it to the end consumers. Good packages ensure that the product remains in its actual state without any damage.
  2. Attraction: The glittery packaging materials or the creative designs and attractive typography lure the consumers to try the product even if it is something new or they haven’t used it before.
  3. Information: Whatever the product is, however it is made or how it should be used- all these details are well narrated on the product’s packaging which answers most of the user queries and guides them while making decisions.
  4. Differentiation: You might be manufacturing the same chips that your competitor does but what makes you stand apart from them is how you package your product. If the packaging is impressive, you win sales.





When you visit a departmental store, you keep scrolling for the products you wish to buy, and suddenly something on the shelf catches your attention. It could be because of the attractive packaging that intrigues your mind to stop the search and explore what the product is. Thus your packaging design succeeds in grabbing the user’s attention.



Many brands in the market are highly known and popular among the audience because of the creative packaging designs they have for their products. These designs give your brand identity and accentuate your product among the ones by your competitors. Thus packaging designs not only give your brand a unique identity but also differentiates you from the competitors.



As already mentioned above, product packages deliver crucial information about the product and the business to the consumers that make decision making convenient for them. You can also use this space creatively to convey your brand story to the consumers and highlight why you stand out from the crowd. There are many times when consumers decide to buy a product based on the information provided on its package.


Product packaging is as essential for your business as your marketing efforts or your business branding. Attract your consumers with brilliant packaging designs that instantly motivate them to buy the product. Reach out to us at GAE Consultancy to get stunning packaging designs for your products and other design-based solutions for your business.