Online Marketing in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know!



Dubai is quickly becoming a Middle Eastern technological powerhouse. As a result, the number of online marketing companies in Dubai has increased in an exponential trend. 

According to Clutch industry estimates, the UAE has around 853+ pure-play online marketing agencies, excluding traditional and public relations companies that also offer online marketing services. 

In the previous several years, Dubai has also witnessed the acquisition of a number of online marketing businesses. Flip Media, Hug Digital, and Clear Tag are just a few examples of independent companies that have been acquired by agency networks. 

So, if you had to choose online marketing companies in Dubai, UAE, for your next assignment, how do you go about the selection phase? Based on digital skills and client management, we have compiled a list of the finest online marketing firms in Dubai. 


Dubai’s Top Online Marketing Agencies 


1.GAE Co 

GAE Co is one of the leading and the fastest growing online marketing firms in Dubai, but they aren’t limited to this alone. They also offer Financial & IT solutions, Graphic Designing, App Development, Animation, Movie-making, and many such solutions.  

Their expert team of members have built quite a reputation in the local market and abroad for providing state-of-the-art data-driven & result oriented strategies and solutions to all of its clients. This makes their services really stand out in the market from the rest.  

They believe in leveraging modern technology to bring effective solutions, and further help several clients from diverse verticals with the digital transformation of their business. 


2.McCollins Publications

McCollins Media, situated in Dubai, is a renowned online marketing agency. Managing your brand’s online environment with a results-driven strategy. They handle everything in-house, including digital content purchasing, campaign management, blogger outreach programs, and content management. 

They design a product for your brand from the ground up, whether it’s a mobile app, a website, or an e-commerce portal. Create a one-of-a-kind product for your business that can be used to develop a database over period. 

Implement performance-based branding, assure lead creation, and include a call – to – action on your website or mobile app. 

Midea, Guylian, RTA Dubai, Fujifilm, and Paavo’s Pizza are among the customers managed by the firm.


3.Nexa Digital 

Digital Nexa is an online marketing firm that was founded in 2005. In today’s digital world, online marketing is a critical component of corporate growth. Businesses may use online marketing to reach and interact with their target audience, producing sales and followers equally. It may have a significant impact on the perception of your brand, as well as serve as a means for generating sales and a form of low-cost marketing. 

They now have over 300 active clients. Having worked in over 30 sectors, ranging from high-profile B2C companies to very specific and specialized companies. There are around 50 in-house online marketing experts. A full range of online marketing services are available. Microsoft, Intel, and Barcelo are among the clients, as are other locally owned and operated enterprises. 

Digital Nexa received the 2017 Mena Search Award. 

To name a few, the firm presently works with prominent clients such as Bosch, Audi, Siemens, Invisalign, and Arbor. 


4.Media 7G 

7G Media is an established creative and digital firm in the UAE that specializes in branded content and online marketing. 7G Media is a multi-disciplinary organization based in Business Bay, Dubai’s premium business zone, that was founded in 2007. It focuses in content production, creation, animation, website design and development, video editing, and social media management. 

7G Media’s competitive advantage is demonstrated in the material they develop for websites, publications, animated films, pamphlets, books, and other brand assets, which reflects an in-depth grasp of Arabic culture. 7G Media guarantees that your company’s communication strategy is effective, relevant, focused, and results-driven throughout all channels. 

The agency now serves customers such as the Ministry of Finance, MBRSC, Amassi, DroPin, and others. 



EDS is an online marketing and lead generating firm located in Dubai that was founded in 2006. Presently, the business offers website development and design, search engine optimization, ppc advertising, content production, online communications, and social media services. 

EDS takes pride in providing captivating online marketing services. Many of EDS’s clients benefit from award-winning services and experiences that enable them communicate and connect with their consumers in the most effective way imaginable. They are around to assist you in understanding the finest tactics for your online marketing in Dubai and delivering strategies that are aligned with the success of your organization. Online advertising is always a result-oriented action, with the main goal of delivering results to all of their customers. 

EDS now collaborates with prominent companies such as 3M, Audi, Apple, Carmudi, Barclays, Babyshop, and others.


6.Brand Stallion 

Brand Stallion is an online marketing business that believes in using the potential of digital marketing to create highly focused and measurable strategies for its clients. 

Since 2012, its qualified staff has been assisting organizations in developing an online presence, tracking marketing budgets, and improving ROI. They assist their clients in generating qualifying leads and closing customers in order to create sales. 

Vision: To become the most creative, data-driven, and customer-focused online marketing company. 

Mission: To supply its clients with expertise, concepts, statistics, and market innovation ranging from brand concept to implementation in order to carve out a market niche for them. 

Brand Stallion has managed more than 150 campaigns for more than 50 multinational businesses.



Igloo is one of the UAE’s fastest-growing online marketing firms. Chicco, Mother Earth, Grand Cafe, Adecco, Meed, Nissan, and other companies are now served by the company. 

Igloo is a varied group of online marketing specialists, inventive strategists, creative professionals, and software engineers that are enthusiastic about assisting organisations in meeting their objectives and making an impact by elevating industry best practices. 

For over 15 years, the Igloo branding team has been working with B2B, B2C, and e-commerce firms throughout the area and beyond. They have successfully launched hundreds of projects and assisted their clients in exceeding their company objectives through marketing. 

Online Marketing, Web Design & Development, Social Networking, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Ppc Advertising, Graphic Design, and Marketing are some of the services offered by Igloo.