What is the Cost of Buying a Home in Dubai?



Dubai is a prominent real estate market for investors, with various types of properties for sale, including houses and luxury properties. Many people have been wanting to invest in Dubai since the Dubai government amended the legislation to enable foreigners to buy residences and flats. Buying a property in Dubai for migrants comes with several advantages, including a high potential for return on investment. 

Dubai has hundreds of homes for sale in the event that you choose to invest in real estate in the future. Villas, condominiums, apartment complexes, and single-family houses are examples of this type of property. If you want to invest in real estate in Dubai, you need spend some time researching the various alternatives. 

Before investing in anything, it is essential to understand the costs associated. The same is true if you wish to buy real estate in Dubai. We’ve put up an in-depth information on the cost of buying property in Dubai to assist anyone who is wondering how much it costs to purchase a house in Dubai. Find out how much your home truly costs if you buy real estate in Dubai, from the initial price to any related hidden fees. 



It is a well-known fact that Dubai provides investors with benefits for acquiring real estate. You have real estate investor visas and other long-term visas available to property investors in Dubai. 

When it comes to purchasing luxury residences, Dubai is also highly advantageous for householders. When compared to property costs for luxury real estate in other prominent locations across the world, sales prices for luxury houses in Dubai are really relatively inexpensive. 

Apart from cost, which is one of the primary reasons for purchasing luxury homes in Dubai, many people like to buy and own property in Dubai due to its diverse inventory of properties. The Dubai property market offers it all, whether it’s beachfront villas and townhouses or premium flats and penthouses in the city. 




Here are the various expenses associated with buying a Dubai condo or villa.


Dubai’s real estate market has some of the most stringent rules in place to protect both buyers and sellers. As a result, there are specific upfront costs for acquiring homes in Dubai that the buyer must pay in addition to the property’s cost. These upfront costs for purchasing homes in Dubai might vary based on the type of real estate (ready or off-plan) and from whom the buyer acquires (developer or seller). If you intend to acquire your house with a home loan, you should also consider the minimum wage for a mortgage in Dubai. 

The following is a summary of the initial costs of purchasing property in Dubai. 



Purchasing a home in Dubai straight from the developer is typically the most cost-effective option. The following are the necessary fees you must pay to the Dubai Land Department (DLD). 

  1. Dubai Land Department – 4% of the property’s worth. 
  1. AED 520 for issuing the title deed. 
  1. Administrative charges of AED 4,200 must be paid to DLD. 

Those who finance their house with a mortgage or home loan must pay a Mortgage Registration Fee to DLD, which is 0.25 percent of the entire mortgage amount plus AED 290 in administrative expenses. In Dubai, investors may choose from a variety of mortgage options. The DLD Mortgage Registration Fee does not apply if the property is acquired entirely in cash.


When determining the cost of owning a house in Dubai, house owners need consider service costs in addition to the upfront expenses. These are regular fees that homeowners must pay for the upkeep and maintenance of residential properties or communities. 

The service costs for purchasing flats or villas in Dubai are calculated per square foot. As a result, purchasers who purchase a larger property are likely to pay a greater price to acquire a home in Dubai. 



DEWA fees are another component that prospective homeowners sometimes overlook when calculating the cost of property ownership in Dubai. 

DEWA is the regulating agency in charge of all electricity and water supplies in Dubai. The cost of setting up DEWA varies based on where you reside and the type of house you own, and may range from AED 2,300 for an apartment to AED 4,000 for a villa, dependent on the number of meters.


Affordability is one of the most essential aspects considered internationally when acquiring real estate property. The monthly housing expenditure of a person must not exceed 25% of their overall income. Your budget should also account for any upfront expenses. This might amount to approximately 9% of the total buying price of the home. 

As the buyer of a property in Dubai, you must also keep a record of the repairs and maintenance and pay the yearly service fees. 

Due to the sheer pandemic’s reduced housing prices, the Dubai property market has turned into a buyer’s market. As a result, this is an excellent opportunity for investors searching for discounted houses and homes in Dubai to buy. 



Prior to investing in Dubai’s property sector, you should consider how long you want to stay in the UAE. This is significant since it will assist you in calculating the entire value that you may obtain from your possible return on investment. Renting a house is preferable if you are unsure of your potential commitment or long-term interests in the UAE. 

Whether you’re relocating to Dubai to start a business or merely to enhance your professional prospects, it’s a good idea to have a decent sense of the cost of living in Dubai before you relocate here. 

As you’ve seen, there are a number of factors that might influence the cost of purchasing a home in Dubai. These costs may be greater or lower depending on different circumstances. Nonetheless, the information in this article should provide you with a ballpark approximation of all the costs associated with purchasing property in Dubai.