Why Should Your Business Use Animations?



Animations and motion graphic videos capture the user’s attention within seconds of viewing that helps brands boost their brand awareness. With the rise of social media and the craze for visual content, brands are banking on creative animated videos that drive higher engagement from the audience. Do not fall into the misconception that animations and creative videos work only for bigger brands or popular businesses. Animations, in turn, drive popularity to small businesses and hence you must use animations in your business marketing campaigns.



The human mind and human eyes get captured by amazing visuals. You would be remembering an animated advertisement video of a brand like Vodafone Zoo Zoo ad even now after so many years because it left a lasting impression in your mind.

In a survey, it was revealed that nearly 53% of consumers engage with a brand after watching a video of theirs on social media. This is the reason that more than 92% of marketers believe that video marketing is growing by leaps and bounds, and brands should adopt it as early as possible.


Animations capture the audience’s attention and make a mark in their memory for a long thus boosting your brand awareness.



Write tens of blogs explaining what your business or what your product does, and people will still have doubts. Create one animated video that demonstrates the working of your product, and the audience understand every bit of it. Moreover, animated videos make the audience realize that is brand is trying to address its pain point innovatively and positively. Thus animations make things clear, and industries like technology and science-oriented businesses can make a huge advantage of these animations.



As already stated above, animated videos have higher engagement from the audience as they get intrigued about your business. Out of inquisitiveness, they travel to your website outside the social media, explore your products and also make a purchase. When animations make things clear for the audience, conversion rates get boosted.



The digital world today is highly saturated with sales advertisements. Whether a social media platform or search engines like Google and YouTube, consumer screens are bombarded with sales ads; both relevant and irrelevant. This naturally makes people get irritated, and one way you can make your advertisement stand out and outdo the irritation is by making something unique and fascinating. Use high-quality animations that embed storytelling and motivates the consumers to click-through.


Animations have been in use for a decade, but small businesses and startups haven’t considered them for brand promotions. Streamline your content marketing strategy with animated videos being the mainstream form of communication and entertaining as well as motivating the audience to make a successful conversion. If you require top-notch animations for your business marketing, reach out to us as GAE Consultancy has been one of the best business solutions providers in Dubai, serving clients all across the globe.